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3P 4P 63-1600A NSX Molded Case Circuit Breaker mccb China manufacturer high quality

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The NSX type molded case circuit breaker (Electronic MCCB)

is one of the new type breakers which our company adopts the international advanced design, manufacture technology to develop. The rated insulating voltage is 950V. Suitable for AC 50Hz (60Hz). Rated working voltage 690V or below, rated working current is 12.5A to 1600A the circuit and used in distributing electric energy. Non-frequent making and breaking in the normal conditions and protecting when circuit and installation are overload, short circuit and lacking voltage. Rated shell-rack and the breaker whose current is under 400A, take protection effect when mouse cage motor’s non-frequent start, breaking off working and protecting form overload, short circuit and lacking voltage. The product conforms to IEC 60947-2 standards.

Model Poles Rated operating voltage (V) Servies short circuit breaker capacity (KA)
NSX-100N 1,2,3,4 poles 690VAC 25
NSX-100H 1,2,3,4 poles 690VAC 70
NSX-100L 1,2,3,4 poles 690VAC 150
NSX-160N 3,4 poles 690VAC 36
NSX-160H 3,4 poles 690VAC 70
NSX-160L 3,4 poles 690VAC 150
NSX-250N 3,4 poles 690VAC 36
NSX-250H 3,4 poles 690VAC 70
NSX-250L 3,4 poles 690VAC 150
NSX-400N 3,4 poles 690VAC 45
NSX-400H 3,4 poles 690VAC 70
NSX-400L 3,4 poles 690VAC 150
NSX-630N 3,4 poles 690VAC 45
NSX-630H 3,4 poles 690VAC 70
NSX-630L 3,4 poles 690VAC 150
NSX-1600N 3,4 poles 690VAC 85
NSX-1600H 3,4 poles 690VAC 100
NSX-1600L 3,4 poles 690VAC 200

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