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China manufacturer high quality GV2-M/ME series Motor protector

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Category:Motor Protect Circuit Breaker

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JV2(GV2) series circuit breakers are mainly used for the overload and short.circuit prot-ection for motors in the circuit ofAC 50/60Hz.rated operating voltage up to 660V rated operating current from 0.1Ato 80A as the full-voltage starters to start and cut off motors under the Ac3 load and for the circuit protection in the circuit of 0.1 A-80A.

GV2 Circuit breakers


Dimension & Mounting Size

The outline and fixing dimension of breaker(GV2 motor circuit breaker)

The breaker(GV2 motor circuit breaker)adopts the standard conductor rail installtion,the conductor rail shouId meet the A2 1 TH35-7 tvDe installation standard of Jb6525.



GV-M motor protection circuit breaker
GV2 and GV3
High breaking capacity
Small volume

Product Parameters

1.Temperature: -5℃~+40℃ average temperature in 24 hours not exceed +35℃2.Altitude: not exceed 2000m
3.Air conditions: At mounting site, relative humidity not exceed 50% at the max temperature of +40℃, higher relative humidity is allowable under lower temperature, for example, RH could be 90% at +20℃
4.Pollution grade: Grade Ⅲ
5.Release grade: 10A(CS2-32) 10A(CS2-80)
6.Rated operational system: Continuous operational system
7.Mounting conditions:
The inclination between the mounting plane and the vertical plane shall not exceed 5°
The product shall be installed and operated at a place without obvious shake, Impact and vibration.  

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