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LC1-K,LP1-D 0610,0910,1210,1810 24V 110V 220V Dc and Ac Contactor

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LC1K LP1K Mini Contactor

is used in ac/dc circuit of 50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage up to 690V, rated current up to 16A, to connect/disconnect or other frequent control of the main circuit and ac motors. They can be conveniently connected to auxiliary contacts and proper thermal relays to protect the circuit from overloading. They feature traverse double breaking points, block, and zero flashover design, with multi-function combination, small volume, and reliable performance. They are the perfect replacement for France TE Lc1-K, LC1-E series products, can be widely applied to magnify/switch signal in the micro-electronic interface.

Coil voltages available:

LC1-K: AC 24V 36V 48V 110V 220V 380V LP1-K: DC 12V 24V 48V 110V 220V

Model Rated Current Thermal Current Auxiliary contact
LC1-K0610 6A 16A 3P+NC 3P+NO
LC1-P0610 6A 16A 3P+NC 3P+NO
LC1-K0910 9A 20A 3P+NC 3P+NO
LC1-P0910 9A 20A 3P+NC 3P+NO
LC1-K1210 12A 20A 3P+NC 3P+NO
LC1-P1210 12A 20A 3P+NC 3P+NO


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